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Ordinarily this movie is not likely to appeal to the critically minded especially on account of its simple though, funny title. But despite the title and obvious lack of many stars, a situation not so common in an average Nollywood film, Dumebi… The Dirty Girl comes with a solid base of hilarity but also with a great interplay of storyline and relevant themes. The movie boasts of a credible story, taking the lane where the narrative begins from the simple and rises to the extent of gripping suspense as well as lively, entertaining elements. Dumebi (Mercy Johnson) is pregnant for Frank (Kenneth Okonkwo), a very comfortable bachelor who was only in the village for his annual leave. Dumebi, the daughter of a village catechist is rejected by Frank’s father who insists that a union between the families is not equal and only being sought because of their affluent status. Soon, she comes to the city where the said Frank resides and does not wait for long before showing her true colour. A reason for which she is noted as crude and foolish comes to play as she forgets her baby in the taxi. Having been asleep in the taxi all along before the driver wakes her on getting to destination. She alights from the car, leaving her son behind and not thinking about him. It was until Frank saw her, asked her about the baby that she remembered she must have left him in the car. After much ado, Dumebi, is tired after walking round for sometime looking for the baby, she sits somewhere throwing up groundnuts playfully before catching them with her mouth on coming down. To her, the message that she is not to return until the baby is found rings louder in her ear than the actual search for the baby. And soon, she waves a young man on a bike, whom she tells when he comes round that she will sleep in the garden if she doesn’t find the baby, to continue the search the next day. And also having told him that she is such a heavy sleeper, the man comes back to rape her. Although, Dumebi in truth doesn’t know until she wakes up the next day, saying someone has tampered with her pant. And on checking properly, her persistent shouts of “Eh, they have slept with Dumebi again o” is as hilarious as they come. But later, the driver was able to locate the house after going from house to house. And it is when she comes back to the house that the second part of the story, which could conveniently be described as the more serious side of the tale, gets into gear. On account of Dumebi’s coming to the house, Frank begins to avoid her. Dirty, uncouth, uncultured and hastily knocking down everything on her path, Dumebi disgraces Frank when he takes her out to an eatery. As if that is not enough, the notable discomfiture she causes him when she shows up at Frank’s office sweating all over and in such a shabbily-dressed state which she complements with bathroom slippers is the last nail on the coffin of trying to polish him. But in the end, the director makes a sense of the situation as the resolution of the conflict created at the beginning is masterfully done but it won’t be fine to end a piece about Dumebi… The Dirty Girl without looking at the several comical points that make the movie alluring. One of these is when Dumebi’s father forcefully brings her over to her in-law’s place. In a discussion, when asked if she can cook very well, she says she can and also enumerates other things she can do very well. Dumebi said she “can sleep very well, laugh very well, talk very well” as if such skills are the important ones when it comes to determining if a young woman is desirable for marriage or not! Before then, another is recorded when her father, on dragging her to Frank’s parents’ house, leaves for onward movement to the city after telling her and Frank’s mother that she is not to come back home. Dumebi asked the woman: “Be honest, is that not wickedness of father to daughter?” In a way that is both naïve and hilarious. And when she was told by Frank to go and look for the baby she forgot in the taxi and not to come back except with the baby, Dumebi asks the first woman she sees: “Please, did you see my son?” and the woman promptly replied with a hissing question: “Do I even know your son?” More abound in Dumebi… The Dirty Girl and seeking to watch the movie only can unearth its many qualities to the world. Click the link below to go to... The Rivalry Between Genevieve Nnaji, Stella Damasus Revealed! ‘Genevieve Nnaji Caught Smoking Cigarette Omotola’s Hubby, Capt. Matthew Sacked From Air Nigeria You're A Disgrace To Humanity--Angry Fans Tell Charly Boy Over Alter Ego 'Linda' Pictures Ghanaian Actress, Beverly Afaglo Welcomes First Child With Praye Osaze Odemwingie Expects Baby From Wife, Sarah Michael Ex-Lovers; Timaya, Empress Njamah Reunite 3 Years After Bitter Break-Up? Funke Akindele Comperes Tinubu's Nephew's Wedding May7ven scooped another NELAWARD We'll Like To Marry Twins-Aneke Twins Lagos Government Goes Tough On Smokers
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