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That pride goes before a fall is actually true, this came into fore recently during the young talent concert in Abuja tagged 'Wizkid Live Abuja Invasion' as not many people turned out for the concert. Surprisingly, what we thought would turn out to be a blast, less than half of the estimated crowd showed up at event. People around were of the opinion that the Wizkid's arrogance has become to the point of being annoying reasons the crowd failed to show up. The show was meant to kick off at 5 pm but was found empty as at 9:30 pm Nigerian time. Those who went to the performance were shocked with the number of people present at the highly publicized concert with Wizkid headlined with guest appearances from label mates Skales, Niyola, Shaydee. I hope he realises that time is the only difference between up and down!
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