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It has been a while we saw Nollywood actress Clarion Chukwura on set, the actress has been busy in the United States of America has made a comeback with a new movies, ‘Apaye: A Mother’s Love‘, Emem Isong is the producer of the movie with A-listed actors like Belinda Effah, ex-wife of Jeta Amata, Mbong Amata, Millicent Jack, Kanayo O Kanayo and Desmond Elliot. The movie would be premiere in March. Rumours have it that Clarion got her role three days after she came back to Nigeria, even Kanayo who has been missing on the screen got a perfect interpretation of his role on set. The story of Kanayo joining the murky waters of the Nigerian politics is still been deliberated because he is still without a party just like Desmond Elliot who is equally said to be joining the new trend as the 2015 general election comes near. Welcome back Clarion and Kanayo.
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