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The Nigerian film industry popularly known as Nollywood is surely fast growing and this has been commended. However, some movies being churned out today still show that a lot of work has to be done. Some Nigerian filmmakers still make many people believe they are watching movies, when their American counterpart takes their viewers away from the make-believe world to reality. Those who have watch movies like ‘Prison Break’, ‘24’, ‘Passion of Christ’ and numerous American films will attest to this. Even some movies done by South Africans show realness in them compared to Nollywood flicks. When scenes of pregnancy are played in Nollywood, the fixed clothes worn by the actresses to show pregnancy are mostly visible and the supposed pregnancy loses its shape and folds when the actress is taking a walk. But in the American movies, they make pregnancies look real in movies. They even go as far as displaying the protruding belly, which Nollywood movies cannot dare to try. If you compare pregnancy scenes played by Hollywood actress, Penelope Cruz and that of Nollywood Eniola Badmus, you will agree that ‘kaki no be leather’, ‘oga na master’. © 2014 Nigeriafilms.com Click the link below to go to... I Can’t At This Point Be ‘Hawking’ Cleavages In The Name Of Promoting Brand----Mercy Johnson "I Work Hard & I Can Enjoy My Money" - Wizkid Defends Replacing His N15Million Damaged Car Marriage not a must for me–Funke Adesiyan OJB Responds To Juliet Ibrahim Questioning The Cost Of His Kidney Transplant Deeper Life Suspends Pastor Kumuyi’s son and his newly wedded wife Jackie Appiah Acquires Posh Car It's A Lie, Bleaching Cream Didn't Burn My Face--Steph Nora Okere Cries Out Here’s why you can’t ignore sexually-transmitted diseases
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