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Must telling of stories be done in Hollywood costumes style of dressing? Walk up to any actor and ask how or his/her opinion about Nollywood, the response will be “The industry is growing.” But what comes to mind is that must the Nollywood actors dress in foreign costumes? Each and every time and year, the government calling on the promotion of local fabrics both within and outside the country but Nollywood as never bothered to sell this brand of fabric in its dressing on set. Creating creativity is not about writing or delivery alone but manner of presentation speaks volume. To even smile at some size of cloths being worn by some actors, it leaves one with the question of whether there was no producer or director at all? Costumier should be out of it because some producers cannot afford a costumier. What some producers do is to get casts, give them the scripts and sets camera rolling without providing the casters with costumes. There is no harm in trying something new, at least, it will help sell the image of the country’s fabric industry and also create employment through fabric, how about that?
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