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Kiki Omeili is a medical doctor turned an award-winning actress. The Anambra State-born screen diva has achieved a lot since she hit the movie screen in 2011. Since 'Lekki Wives’ catapulted her into limelight and made her very visible,the actress has maintained the velocity in her career. Recently, the leggy actress tackled the issue of nudity in Nollywood and how she has been handling it maturely to avoid misconception and scandals ragging the Nigerian entertainment industry. “If I’m asked to play a nude role in a movie, I and that director would have to talk about it and find a way around it. This is because Nigeria is a place people have difficulty separating a character from the real person. So it is difficult for them to understand that whatever character you are portraying is not you but a character. No, I would not want to pose nude at all. However, when it comes to romantic scenes like kissing I can do that. The truth is that there are sometimes that kissing tells a better story and what I mean by that is that in real life, you do it with your boyfriend or husband. So if kissing is going to help tell a better story, and by that I mean it is absolutely necessary, then sure, I will. If taking on a romantic role and kissing is going to help bring the story to life why not?,” she revealed.© 2014Nigeriafilms.com
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