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The Nollywood industry has really helped in making stars, took many youths away from the streets and has put food on the tables of many and in high hopes to create a standing ovation for the industry. Aside having other professions, many people are either investing in the lucrative industry or are also taking up acting as a part time job which also helps to show the other creative side about them. While some who are veterans in the industry are either helping to groom other young talents or stepping aside. Whichever which way, the industry has made its name. Nollywood actor, John Okafor ajka Mr Ibu, has taken many by surprise when he was recently seen to have loosed some pounds. Little did many know that the actor was up to something which is to join the Nigerian Police Force. The Nigerian Police force has been totally ignored by many and said to be one of the corrupt government agency that has over time loosed it's integrity in the hearts of the Nigerian public. The actor alongside his colleague were part of the newly recruit in the force in a yet to be released movie which promises to be a rib cracking movie that every home will want to have.
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