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When the roll call of top African movie stars is made, one name that will surely not be missing is Ramsey Nouah. The talented and handsome actor has paid his dues in the showbiz industry in the continent and presently, he is taking his trade to the highest place in the world, the United States of America (USA), which has a viable industry called Hollywood, from where Nigeria got her Nollywood. Over the weekend, a new flick Ramsey Nouah acted with Kevin Nwankwor, ‘Tempting Fate’, premiered at the 2015 Pan Africa Film Festival and it got several positive reviews. A visibly elated Kevin Nwankwor, the movie director, said his goal is to make a movie that breaks cultural boundaries with great lessons that affects our daily life. The heart-touching ‘Tempting Fate’ is an official selection film chosen to be premiered at the 2015 Pan African Film Festival at the very prestigious Rave Cinema in Hollywood, and also at the USA Indie Fest. The flick, produced by KevStel Group Production, is billed for release in cinemas across Nigeria during the long Easter weekend. ‘Tempting Fate’ is a heart touching film that depicts deep brotherly love, betrayal and forgiveness. The movie explores a plot where two different paths in life can be taken with an unintended outcome. According to the director ‘Tempting Fate’ is a “must see” film for everyone. The movie explores the paths followed by two brothers. Edu, played by Andrew Onochie, who is making his first Hollywood debut, is the brother with the calm and peaceful nature, yet is dealing with a life threatening illness. Edu relies on his spirituality to walk him through life, hand in hand with his girlfriend Tracy, played by Tiffany Denise Turner. The movie showcases Nollywood movie icon Ramsey Nouah, Hollywood star Dan Davies known for his leading role in the 2010 musical hit, “Ed Gein, The Musical”, John Vogel recognized for his role in Jerry Bruckheimer’s ‘Soldier of Fortune’ and the award winning Jesus 2000. ‘Tempting Fate’ also debuts up-and-coming Hollywood actor, Andrew Onochie.
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