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From the staples of Mac Rissals Pictures comes another block buster movie titled, ‘Dark Closet ‘ which was produced by Uzee Concept and directed by Saheed Apanpa which stars the likes of Alex Ekubo, Jibola Dabo, Chelsea Eze, Eucharia Anunobi, Yakubu Mohammed and singer, Sani Danja. ‘Dark Closet’ tells the story of self centeredness abound in the country’s political circle, domestic violence, sheer camaraderie, lust, virtues of endurance and patience. The theme of the movie revolves around a lady known as Angela, who out of fear of losing the man she sets to spend the rest of her life with, hides a vital issue from public glare for over 30 years. The bubble burst and that secret turn around to torment her and destroy all the things she had laboured for. The movie is set to be released anytime soon as it gets to its final stage of packaging and the producers have promised that the movie is a must watched for every family as it tends to educate the viewers about what some people go through and what some are capable of even with their gentle way of life.
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