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Denerele Edun is a man of many parts that members of the public see from different angles. While most of his fans see him as a weird personality, others see him as that dude who has a sexual personality which the African society frown at. Over the weekend, the former Soundcity presenter chatted with his fans on Twitter, where he answered some questions directed at him. Denrele revealed that he is not ready to change his lifestyle for love or any woman. Speaking on people’s perception about his sexuality, Denrele said, "S3xual outlaw l'omo (I am a s3xual outlaw)," but he earlier stressed that, "Being 'gaye' is a tough job, but someone has got to do it.” On if he will consider piercing or tattooing his body, the ‘professional madman’, as he is sometimes called, stressed that, "No tattoos or piercings! My skinny body is the temple of God.” When asked if he has a spiritual mentor, he simply replied, "Dr. Olukoya of Mountain of Fire Ministries."
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