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Nollywood actress, Keira Hewatch, has revealed that with money involved, she is always able to interpret her scripts well but totally a different person off set. The actress while describing her kind of person, stated that she is actually a boring person who prefers to stay at home to watch movies and loves reading. “I think I am a boring kind of person. This is because I like to read books and stay home to watch movies. So when I play a certain role, that is just acting,” she said. Speaking with New Telegraph on the state of unclad scenes in the Nollywood industry, the actress noted the films makers were still lacking behind in shooting love scenes and would not take part in such scenes until they get it right. “I will not do that. With all due respect to our film makers, we haven’t figured out how to shoot love scenes tastefully in Nigeria. I will never shoot the kind of love scene you are talking about until we figure out how to make it classy and tasteful,” she stated.
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