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One irony of life is that good things you don’t prepare yourself for just come your way. This has been manifested in the lives of some notable Nigerians. If on January 1, 1998, a prophet had told President Goodluck Jonathan that he would rule Nigeria in 12 years time, he would have said, ‘taah, when we have top politicians and personalities still living?’ But today, the reality is there for all to see. If there is one platform that made Gideon Okeke popular, then it is no other than Tinsel, an MNet series. But the actor said a night before he went to audition for a role in the soap, he went to a night club with his friend, where he got drunk. "One night, I went to the club with my friends; the day before, we’d all gotten the text message for an audition. I got back home, I was squatting with my friend, Chinedu in Surulere, at that time. READ ALSO: I was flown out for surgery during campaigns –Patience Jonathan "And next morning I was like ‘O boy I wan go that audition o.’ We were all drunk from the club, and he was like ‘Dey go jo, I no dey go’ and I went and came back and I was like ‘I don get am o’ and he was shocked," he told Daily Times. Click And Read More From Newstrack.ng
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