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In the past, theatre used to be a thriving business until the Nigerian film industry got a boost with home videos in the early 90s. Since then, the stage performance of plays has suffered decline and efforts to revive it have yielded not much results. Today, theatre in Nigeria has almost become a thing of the past. But one person that is among practitioners worried about this is veteran actor, Jide Kosoko, who was one of the casts of a stage drama 'Beauty From The Beach' by Black Image production last weekend at Yaba, Lagos. He explained his plans to revive stage dramas. He stressed the importance of why actors in Nollywood should undergo training in live theatre, which he said will thrive again and very soon. "It must be resolved, we must make sure we put live theatre into practice," he told Nigeriafilms.com. Jide Kosoko further informed Nigeriafilms.com that he is particularly working towards live theatre and that is why his new movie 'Ogun Awoyaya', which he is presently working on, will be performed on stage.
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