KOGA treated the stakeholders in the entertainment industry and the press to answers as to why it is been referred to as the next big thing the Nigerian entertainment industry needs to harness its full potentials with a tour of the facility in Lagos on March 11, 2011. Some of the celebrities in attendance were Stella Damasus, Fred Amata, Ras kimono, Agatha Amata, and others. The guests expected to see something but the looks on their faces during the tour revealed that they were not expecting to see that much. Four Live ultra modern recording studios with full HD and SDI cameras, Digital and Analogue audio sound recording studio, Ultra modern Event hall with capacity to seat 800 persons in banquet style, 1400 persons in theatre arrangement and 2000 persons in concert style and a Lounge designed for relaxation and entertainment, were the things KOGA unveiled in the tour. Led by Mr Christopher Jeyibo, the chairman of KOGA Holdings, KOGA operates and provides entertainment services through various divisions. Its studios are designed with high acoustic properties, to be used for the purpose of photography, cinematography, and radio and television production. KOGA facilities are equipped with the capacity to serve events, music videos, commercials, movies, soap operas, still shoots and related tasks. KOGA, the big name in Nigeria entertainment is broken down into KOGA studio, KOGA production, KOGA records, KOGA publishing, KOGA lounge and KOGA foundation; such that people can have that one stop solution centre for all entertainment related services. As they settled to taste friendly small chops and an exotic chapman after the tour, guests garlanded KOGA with praise. Some of the guests asked questions one of which was if KOGA is affordable to budding entertainers, and the skilled KOGA personnel were at hand to give answers. In response to the question ….. said ‘KOGA is more than a business, it is a solution and we have a lot to offer to entertainers even those with considerably low budgets’. KOGA studios comes with the power to entertain and they are set to unleash this power in every way possible.
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