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Lagos State hosted the 2nd edition of the Lagos Unity carnival on the 30th of April 2011. As expected traffic on the Island came to a complete halt with road closures as the parade and floats traversed Awolowo Road Ikoyi and other major streets across the island before culminating in Tafawa Balewa Square for a grand display. It was planned to be a fun day out for ALL residents of Lagos, many who seriously got into the swing of things... I noticed many people on the Island went about their business like nothing was going on except the usual irritation of Lagos traffic, so I asked a few Ikoyi and VI residents if they would be participating in the carnival but many laughed it off saying they had discussed it with friends but only in the capacity of streets to avoid on the day, while others felt it was an event for Lagos locals only (Isale eko etc), who were actually well represented. In fact some even had representation of their local clans amongst the display and floats... Although the Carnival went ahead without a hitch and people evidently had lots n lots of fun, it looks like it'll take more than a 'unity' carnival to truly unite the 'Ikoyi, VI, Lekki crowd' with 'The Isale Eko crowd'... But I have to say it was really nice to see Lagos residents having so much fun with or without the 'so-called' cool crowd..What the heck! Fashola is cool and that was a Raji Fashola project...!!!! So Yes...The Lagos Carnival rocked in true 'Eko o ni baje Lagos stylee..'
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