Come Thursday,September 29,2011,one of Nigeria’s most successful actresses,Joke Silva will hit the golden age. In a recent interview,she revealed the plan by her friends and colleagues in the industry to celebrate her; come the D-day. She equally talked about what life has taught her at 50. She said; The major one is that life is not a bed of roses.And strength is not the amount of noise you can make but how to cope when life throws you lemon. There is also the lessons of not bothering oneself about the problems of tomorrow as the problem of each day is enough to cope with. I have equally come to believe in this saying,Today well lived makes every yesterday a memory of happiness and every tomorrow,a vision of hope. Asked about plans to celebrate her birthday,she said I’m praying that God will bless all my friends,children and colleagues in the industry. I wasn’t even planning for any celebration and if at all there will be any,I may be hanging out with my husband. But my friends and colleagues went ahead with their own plan.They just told me,arrive and look pretty on that day.So,I’m very grateful to them. your social media marketing partner