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Controversial Nollywood actress,model and entrepreneur , chika Nancy Ike adds another year today . Chika who opened an accessories store in Abuja few months ago started acting in 2004. She has acted in over 50 nollywood movies including Dangerous beauty and jealous princess. Happy birthday Chika. Let's take you on a journey to the world of Chika Ike Chika Nancy Ike was born on November 08 on a Friday at about 4.45am. She is an actress, model and an entrepreneur. This Nigerian beauty can do just about anything you would expect a woman to do and even more. She stands at 5ft 10in tall, black haired and sexy brown eyes. Chika grew up in a close knit family of eight in Lagos Nigeria. She was raised by her parents who did not fail to imbibe discipline, hard work and tolerance in her. Chika as a child was nick named by her nanny- Rebecca, Fancy Nancy because of her fanciful and funny character as a child. She was sometimes caught in her mums room w earing mums high heel shoes and mimicking her mother in front of the mirror, with heavy makeup on her face. The famous actress was called a drama queen severally by her friends and peers while growing up. Owing to her discipline, she earned the position of senior prefect and her beauty always made her to be crowned the most beautiful girl in her school. The covetous beauty started acting at the age of six in her local church and watched a lot of movies while growing up; this became the inception for inspiration and challenge to join the movie industry. Never backing down from challenges, she laced her shoes and stepped into the movie auditioning ground in 2004 where she was auditioned for a movie. Her hard work, patience and discipline helped her face and got prepared for most things in life, but needless to say; she was surprised and overwhelmed when called back four months later to pick up a script to do a role in a nollywood movie. Despite the fact that the role was a minor one, she took it as stepping stone to greater heights in her aspiring carrier as an actress and did it so well. This landed her another m ovie role, this time to play a major character. After the African beauty- first major role in a movie was released, it did so well in the market, resulting in directors and producers recommending her for jobs and roles in movies. That same year Chika did over five movies and was nominated as the best upcoming actress (AMAA), an African movie academy award in 2005 and a recognition award that same year. Her carrier took a drastic turn around positively and jobs were rolling in from all corners. Between the years 2004- 2006, she did over 20 movies to her credit. This was to the amazement of a lot of people given her quick and sudden rise to fame and was appreciated by so many. November 18, 2006 the free spirited and sexy actress tied the knot and became Mrs Ckika Ike Ebireri. The unstoppable actress continued with her career a month after married. In the year 2008, the sexy actress was ca st in a role of as an African princess in a move called mirror of beauty which was shot on 35mm to the international scene and was shown in seven Cinemas in London (Odeon and Cineworld) where it was premiered. The movie was later selected the only African movie to be screened during the CANN film festival in CANNS 2008 because of the quality and beautiful African Culture exhibited in it. It also got nominations and wards in Africa. Chika a lover of business and money making decided to open a restaurant and bar which she named TREJ CLASSICS and it is doing so well. Chika Ike still remains highly visible and a well respected actress of her time and has featured in over 40movies till date, and she is still striving to do more especially giving back to the society that has made her who she is now. There is so much to expect from the hot, flaming and sexy actress; so tighten your shoe laces and get ready for the race.
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