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Yes, it is true I have left Classic FM.But I won’t tell you what happened nor disclose what I will do next. The problem with my marriage has been a topic for public discussion since 2007, and all along, I have been working. I will be speaking to my Lawyer and if he tells me to talk to the media about what happened, I will definitely do that. click the link below to go to... POST SEPARATION TRAUMA FRANK EDOHO'S WIFE KATHERINE SACKED BY CLASSIC FM. FRANK EDOHO BEGINS DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS AGAINST ESTRANGED WIFE,KATHRINE! . FRANK EDOHO AND KATHERINE TALES GET MESSIER. FRANK EDOHO FINALLY OPENS UP ON HIS SEPARATION FROM HIS WIFE. Catherine Edoho keeps mum on marriage break up. Catherine Edoho finds her groove again. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Presenter, Frank Edoho's Marriage Collapses Again! . ARCHIVE: KATHERINE EDOHO.
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