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This topic has been one of arguments between fans/followers of showbiz practitioners/ Business moguls; E-Money and Don Jazzy. The argument centers on who is the real “DOROBUCCI”. What is Dorobucci? ‘Dorobucci’ is a street parlance used in describing a money spender, cheerful giver and someone that loves to flaunt wealth. Dorobucci is a baller, very influential, a philanthropist etal. For those who have been keeping tab on Don Jazzy and E-Money’s lifestyle in and out of showbiz industry, you will noticed they have something in common; they are both rich, famous, suave, stylish but above all, they have the charm that people find irresistible. Although these two moneybags love to keep it low, but like the saying goes “A golden fish has no hiding place”. For some time now, there have been serious controversies between the followers of these rich dudes on who is the real Dorobucci. Your number one entertainment news portal, Nigeriafilms.com hereby brings to you the two notable moneybags rocking the showbiz scene at the moment.
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