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Today 12th of June is Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar and she is extremely excited. Many celebrities have been putting up her pictures on social media and wishing her all the best. She rose very early this morning to celebrate herself on her Instagram page. She wrote to herself a wonderful self message. She said it is time to put all worries aside and make her birthday a blast. She noted that her birthday last year wasn't really celebrated well, but this time around she tends to make it bigger and special. She described her birthday as 'Royal Birthday'. This is what she wrote as her self message "It’s about dat time when u grow younger. Wiser, more mature, sensible, responsible, hawter, jaded, suave, creamy Lol n juicy Time to put anger, regrets, sadness, sorrow, heart break aside and thank God for a brand new year to serve him and love him more. ITS MA ROYAL BIRTHDAY HAHAHA. Ya gaibi am humbled!am grateful to you..Last year was OK buh I want dz year to be epic. Am ready for it My birthday' my birthday. Happy birthday to her.
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