There is absolutely nothing wrong in buying second hand cars, but for some people, it actually means you are not capable of buying a new one. After Nollywood actor, Solomon Akiyesi controversial wedding which saw his pregnant wife burst into the church to disrupt his secret wedding to his mistress, the veteran actor seems to have bounced back. The actor who marked his birthday recently and bought himself a brand new Lexus jeep which he gushed about, explaining that he was saying goodbye to second hand cars. Does that mean he has always bought second hand cars? Here is what he said ""Its R.I.P to second- hand cars from today. lx 460... you will take me to greater places. Happy birthday to me in anticipation" For an ace actor like Solomon, one would expect more than that from him. He said that some people might call his act as been extravagant but he says he sees it as a reward to himself. "Call it extravagance but i call it a self reward for days and nights of selfless hard work and a celebration of God's undeniable love and deep affection for a sinner like me even as he will be adding another year for me in just a few days" your social media marketing partner