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After acquiring a new SUV, dance-hall act, Cynthia Morgan, has lashed out at those accusing her of having a surgery on herself. Cynthia stated that she wonders how people write and say wrong things about her, which she said are annoying. According to her, “That awkward moment when this blogger niggas say some real bullsh*ts. I myself bow to some bloggers when I read news about myself getting a nose and a boob job, even a skin job? “Ya'all jobless unlike the nose job n [email protected] job I spiritually got myself. I was barely 17 on this far left pic and my bra couldn’t even fit properly so I guess your father gave me the money for the boob job. I had to leave the dust on the pic so u guys wunt say I photoshopped the boob. lmao. bloggers b warned about your dead lies you carry about...you don't even know me! yes you don't! She is Queen...As you can obviously see...Your Privilege.”
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