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Tope Teleda is a young and handsome Nigerian actor who is in hot demand. He interprets his roles with every nerve in his system. Recently, Nigeriafilms.com had a chat with him, where he discussed some sundry issues with us. How did acting start for you? I always loved acting right from when I was a kid. I did not think it was something I could pursue as a career, to be quite honest. I did not think I could tell anybody, including my parents, my cousins that I wanted to be an actor. Even when I was in secondary school, I did not want to be anything that everybody wanted to be. At some point, I was saying I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer, another time, I wanted to be a civil engineer, other times, I wanted to be a doctor. I was lost and I did not know what I wanted to do. But I asked myself, ‘what can I do that I can be anybody and anything really’? It is this same thing that I really loved which is acting. That was just it. Tell me about the Tope Tedela’s experience when he acts? I want to experience everything and also so right now, I don't want to be everything per say. Perhaps I am playing a doctor, I want to feel his pain, feel how it is when he treats his patients or when he has to deliver bad news, like feel when I am in his shoes. I can feel the pains as an engineer, understanding his rigour, what he has to go through to put up a structure. A freedom to explore, to see life differently and it is just great a feeling. Two things you cannot do without? Well, in today's age, which is the internet age, I love to read a lot. So, it would be books and water, because I like water a lot. What is your number one favourite? That is hard, really. Let me give one number on my list of my favourite things and number one is music. Do you plan releasing an album? At some point, I know I will go back behind the camera. Maybe I will create the scores for a film. Maybe just maybe. In the near future, I might just go back behind the camera because my musical inclinations will just come to play then. What is that one experience you will never forget? Some of these things are just putting me on the spot. When you are asked things like these, the answers will just elude you and you sort of forget. I cannot remember, honestly. Your favourite food I do not have a favourite food. I feel when you start having favourite things to yourself, you kind of close yourself up to enjoy life and things around. I rarely have favourite things, honestly. Describe your ideal woman? The issue of ideal woman is one that varies a lot. But the question I usually ask is, 'am I an ideal man? Maybe when I get an answer to my question, I will be able to answer the question of the ideal woman. You see a woman today and she is tall, lovely and clean and a man likes her. You see another woman that laughs a lot, short but she is not fair in complexion and probably just very dark and you like her also. It is a complicated world. It is the reality of life. My mind operates like this that when it comes to a relationship, keep an open mind and be sure it is someone you can spend the rest of your life with. Your view on the allegations of same s3x relationships in Nollywood Well, I really don't know, honestly and it is not about not answering the question. S3xuality is a human and global thing. It is natural and everywhere. Who is that female you have worked with that has fired you all up? That is an interesting question because I have been really blessed to work with a lot of talented people. I cannot start calling names because they are quite a lot. READ ALSO: Buhari does not believe in Marabot – Garba Shehu Click And Read More From Newstrack.ng
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