Nollywood actor, Chidi Mokeme, has said he has no plan to relocate his wife to Nigeria anytime soon. According to him, his wife, a medical personnel, is too advanced for hospitals in Nigeria and would be a "disservice to uproot her and throw her into the chaotic Nigerian system." The actor's wife, who is based in the United States, has been married to him for over three years. They welcomed their first child together some months ago. Chidi Mokeme, while speaking with Encomium on the possibility of relocating his wife to Nigeria, said, “Soon is relative. Hopefully, the imminent wind of change inspired by the new administration, will become enduring and sustainable. And our socio-economic climate will change for the better. If that happens, then relocation will be considered. "Otherwise, you know for someone to work and consult for the highest regulatory body in the world, FDA, and also working for one of the best hospitals in the world, Johns Hopkins, it really will be a disservice to uproot her and throw her into the chaotic Nigerian system.” “I bet we’ll have chronic and extensive issues of culture shock. My wife probably hasn’t had to write down anything in the office for over five years. Everything is electronically synced and networked across the whole organization. "Every information is a push of a button away. How do you expect someone like her to function in our system? That Tory go get k-leg be that o.” your social media marketing partner