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EVERY one wants to feel and look great, but a lot of people do not realise that their body shape has a big influence on the types of dress they should wear. However, your appearance gives the first impression of your person. It has a telling effect on your getting a job or a date. For this purpose, a dress for success seminar has been put in place to educate Nigerian women to appreciate the uniqueness of their shape, complexion and size, and enhance their confidence. The event tagged, How to Improve your image through your visual appearance holds on October 9, at Tom Associates Hall, Opp Anthony Police Station, Ikorodu Road, Lagos. According to the image consultant, Jennifer Edwards, “it is a dress for success seminar on how to improve your image through your visual appearance. Nigerians are very fashionable and we want to use the seminar enlighten them on how to dress according to their body type. It is not what you wear, but how you actually wear it.” The makeup artist added, “they get to learn a lot about their body, styles to go with body structure, fashion mistakes, dos and don'ts of dressing, colours and patterns.” You do not need to go bankrupt to look fashionable, but rather knowing the right outfit, colour, pattern and accessories that will complement your skin tone, body type, body shape and where you are going. According to Emeka Ebeniro, “it is not about spending so much money on what you wear, it’s about knowing the right choice to suit your shape and complexion. No matter how small your budget is, you can dress very well. According to statistic, what you wear, speaks volumes about you. For slim people, wearing black makes you look smaller, opt for brighter colours, they enhance your figure.” He added, “a typical African woman is very big, If she is dark and big, she should avoid red because it makes her look round. More so, she can go for a lighter shades of pink, it will make her look elegant. Try to avoid dark clothing because it will absorb your beauty and facial structure.” You can dress like a winner and the world will treat you like one! You may be limiting your career growth or personal life by dressing inappropriately and giving the wrong signals. The event, which will be sponsored by Charles Tywritt, David Wej, Lysa enterprise (interior designs), Fin Afrik designs, His n Hairs, D'inspiration boutique and Cipse facilitators will also disclosed the secret about pattern and how to dress to suit any occasion.
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