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Ex MBGN has been on the music scene for more than a minute and her ammo is “For my style, I won’t say my style is different but I will say my style is ‘Muna’ and so I could be fast, I could be slow, I could be ghetto and you won’t expect me to speak pidgin but I can (laughs) … I could be anything.“, in her words. The rapper had childhood ambitions of been Michael Jackson and is set on that path after hit collaborations with Banky W and Jesse Jagz. Her debut album tentatively titled “The Goddess, the Hustler” would be released soon she said – in a recent interview, just after an endorsement campaign. How did the beauty queen ever become a rapper? “I grew up in a big house with my cousins and nieces who all lived with us. I loved hip-hop and my mum also loved music back then. I always loved to sing but since I didn’t have the voice, I always ended up screaming so they would say ‘Shut up, shut up’. I would say ‘You must hear me anyhow’. I knew I had always had something for music so instead of singing, I decided to talk. I have developed the interest since 1992 during the days of Kriss Kross and co.” “Rap is something I always wanted to do, I didn’t want to live because of what people expected me to be.“ so was an easy transition from a beauty queen to rap artiste. About the forthcoming album, she said: It has been in the works for a while now because I wanted to find myself first. I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing first. Finally, I have gotten a title which is ‘The Goddess, the Hustler’ which is who I am because part of me is a beauty queen and the other part is the rapper. I chose that title because when I did the ‘Lagos Party’ remix for Banky W, my line was ‘body of a goddess and mind of a hustler’ and everyone seemed to love that line. I felt I could as well maximise on it. I have two singles but it seems like I have a lot because most of the collaborations I did in the past year are just coming out and I am on a lot of featured stuff. As a result, most people think I dominated the albums. I have just two singles, ‘I feel real’ and the second one is called ‘Killer Queen’ produced by J Sleek known for his current hits with 2face, Implication and Only Me. For starters, I will say you should look out for me because I am trying to show you the other side of me before you begin to hear a lot of other people’s stuff on my album. Anyone who is going to be featured on my album has to be uber-talented and it is going to have 12 or 13 tracks.” She also speaks on her debut single - I feel real , informing she had a license to use the beat/instrumental and was never a recording or duet with American producer and DJ David Guetta.
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