FOLLOWING the $200 million President Goodluck Jonathan funds to boost the Nigerian entertainment industry during the 30th anniversary of the Silverbird Group in Lagos last year, stakeholders in the industry have been pouring out their different opinions on how the money should be spent, while others are still at a loss as to how they could have access to the fund. The cloud of controversy hanging over the money has led the immediate past President of the Association of Nigerian Theatre Practitioners (ANTP) Jide Kosoko to maintain that the there is need for splinter groups in the acting profession to come together under one umbrella. Kosoko advocated for the formation of the Motion Picture Council (MPC) which will be the umbrella body for all practitioners in the film industry. In a statement given by the immediate president of ANTP Prince Jide Kosoko said even if the government should inject N500 billion into the industry and the distribution network is not strengthened and improved upon, the artistes would find it difficult to get adequate returns on their investment, he stated. The ace cinematographer and producer, Tunde Kelani on his own account said he’s aware of the money and stresses that accessing the money would depend on some modalities and bureaucracy attached to such funds. He added that such bureaucracy could discourage those who should benefit from it. Shola Idowu (a.k.a Weird MC) while commenting on the funds said, ‘I think for once we should be positive. I just hope the money gets into the hands of the right people especially the upcoming acts’. Former president of the Association of Core Nollywood Producers, Alex Eyengho while reacting on the issue said, “In terms of utilization of the funds, Nigerian entertainment industry must first be properly defined. Nollywood’s share of the funds should be deposited in an Escrow yielding account until an umbrella body of practitioners is put in place, the funds should not be handed over to any individual or group of self –serving individuals in whatever guise, masquerading as representative of the entire Nollywood practitioners.” However, to access the funds according to official sources, there are some basic requirements that should be met, first a bankable proposal must be prepared which will show how the money would be spent; and what would be the return on the investment. It was revealed that the promoters of the funds that the Lagos Business School has been contacted to help those who want to access it prepare or train them in proposal writing among others. Click the link below to go to ... Two offenses Ben Bruce committed against the President your social media marketing partner