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The long face-off between the two beautiful and delectable actresses never seemed to end as both met again at an event eyeing each other. It should be recalled that Iyabo Ojo and Lizzy Anjorin have been at loggerheads for some time now over seniority in the make believe business and in age. Iyabo Ojo is claiming to be older than Lizzy in age and acting while on the other hand Lizzy is looking down on Iyabo.In essence, these two actresses have been living the life of cat and rat in their daily activities. Penultimate week, both were present at a birthday party organized by a renowned journalist, Mr.Kunle Rasheed,this event saw the presence of dark and light as Iyabo and Lizzy met there. Immediately Lizzy got to the event, the scenario changed and she became a cynosure of eyes at the event. Though,Iyabo Ojo who was strictly on black outfit and Lizzy who was in complete white outfit did not exchange words but often times, they were eyeing each other. In essence, these two actresses are yet to resolve their differences.
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