That Kate Henshaw Nuttal has just been evicted out of the popular Globacom Ambassadorship deal is now stale news but the fact still remains that some bad belles still expects the ever smiling actress to be in a moody state. Well I hope you don’t start saying my prying is too much because of this gist I want to serve you about the famous Onga Ambassador. Contrary to the expectation of many that Kate Henshaw should be in a mourning state now because of the mouthwatering deal she just lost,but reverse is the case as this beautiful actress appears not to be fazed by this loss. Last weekend,the dark and lovely actress was a guest at an event on the Island and she was in her usual playful mood as she was greeting and taking her time to exchange pleasantries with other guests at the event as if nothing has changed about her. However,those who saw her at the event that night were of the opinion that Kate’s behavior is just a way to teach those who liken contracts to do or die affairs and would never let go,but this lady’s indifference in altitude have shown and proven otherwise. your social media marketing partner