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I really do not know why am suddenly in the news now. I don’t have an idea but the thing is I keep telling everybody that interview me right from the beginning of my career, I keep saying that you cannot escape it. They keep asking me as an artiste, why have you not had anything in the news or whatever but I say it will come one of these days and here we are right now. I know it was going to happen one of these days. To me, I was actually prepared for it, I knew it was going to come. click the link below to go to... SENATE PRESIDENT DAVID MARK SPOILS ACTRESS CHIKA IKE WITH RANGE ROVER CAR. HOW STAR ACTRESS CHIKA IKE'S MARRIAGE CRASHED+HOW ROMANCE WITH VAN VICKER,OTHERS SCATTERED THE UNION. Chika Ike’s marriage crashes as hubby impregnates mistress. STAR ACTRESS CHIKA IKE AND ANNIE MACAULAY AT WAR OVER BILLIONAIRE NED NWOKO.
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