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While people assumed that the AGN election was shifted to February 2012 as a result of the court case between top actor Emeka Ike and the guild’s National President,Mr.Segun Arinze,insider sources revealed to us that members of AGN Board of Trustees are behind all the changes that are made on the election date. According to the source,the BOT is allegedly strategizing to ensure that their anointed candidate assumes the hot seat.They allegedly postponed the election to give them ample time to build national attention on their candidate who joined the race not quiet long ago. However,to remain fresh in the minds of AGN electotares and strong in the race,former National Secretary of the guild,Emeka Rollas Ejezie has taken his campaign to popular social network,Facebook. He has in the past three weeks redeclared his manifesto on Facebook and invite all concerned members of AGN to vote for a new government that will bring a change that everybody have been waiting for. In response,all Okoh Polytechnic graduates in entertainment industry are not only pledging their allegiances but are also engaged in the campaign by sharing his manifesto with thousands of friends on Facebook.
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