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The alleged fraud scam involving Silverbird Cinemas and Okhma Global Limited has taken a new turn, as Blessing Egbe, the movie producer of 'Two Brides And A Baby'< has released evidence to back up her alleged fraudulent activities by the two companies. According to some documents made available to Nigeriafilms.com by Blessing Egbe to back up her claim of short-pay by both Mary Ephraim's led Okhma Global Limited, the distribution company of her movie, and Silverbird Cinemas, Abuja. Blessing claimed that her movie still showed on February 2, 2012 at Silverbird Cinemas in Abuja as against January 13, 2012 claimed by Mary. As we reported earlier, when Nigeriafilms.com contacted Mary on this allegation, she claimed there have not been any fraudulent act by her company nor the cinemas, as claimed by Blessing. Click the link below to go to... Fresh Scam Scandal Hits Nollywood, Silverbird Cinemas Allegedly Involved
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