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Emem Isong, the prolific film maker, has denied the rumour going round that her Royal Academy Empire has become a cartel where most of her works only favour those who have passed through the academy. Hear her reaction, “ I don`t have any cartel. I don`t know where the clique idea is coming from. That may be because I work with a certain group of people every now and then. I think if you`re constantly working with certain kinds of people, there`s the tendency you will keep calling them to do your job for you. Sometimes, if we have like minds, having the same dreams and visions, we may put money together every now and then to produce. I produce with a couple of my colleagues once in a while. It does not mean there is a clique. If you want to be fair, and you watch some of my movies, I try to introduce new faces now and then. So how do I run a clique? I may use one person in the first four films I have done back to back, the next one I use another person. It is not true. I really don`t see myself as having a clique. I don`t think so at all. Royal Arts Academy is a training school, it is not a clique.” Click the link below to go to... Nollywood Actress, Biola Ige: Sweeping Nollywood With Sexiness, Beauty? I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL BODY,WHY WON'T I FLAUNT IT--ACTRESS UCHE OGBODO FORMER SUPER EAGLES CAPTAIN,AUSTIN JAYJAY OKOCHA OPENS UP ON MARRIAGE BREAK-UP TALE EXCLUSIVE: Crack Between Ini Edo, Emem Isong Over Movie Credit WHY MANY CELEBRITY WOMEN MARRIAGES CRASH
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