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Few weeks ago, the blogosphere was abuzz with reports of an alleged theft involving Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie. The married actress was accused of stealing about $3200 from a guy based in South Africa named Prosper, where she had gone to shoot her new movie with Prince Eke, Muma Gee’s husband.READ IT HERE The sultry actress and mother of one was in the late Nelson Mandela country for her film entitled ‘Abakaliki Pikin’. The actress later denied the allegations that she stole the said amount and stated that her matter was a case of blackmail. He accused of Prosper of using police in the former Apartheid country to humiliate her. She confirmed that she was arrested, also accusing Prince Eke of conniving with Prosper to maltreat her, even though she catered for Prince Eke’s expenses to South Africa. In their separate reactions, Prosper and Prince Eke accused Angela of lying about the matter by not telling Nigerians what actually led to her arrest. Muma Gee’s hubby alleged that Angela was actually an illicit affair with Prosper and that she stayed in Prosper’s house in South Africa during the movie shoot, contrary to what she claimed in her statement. However, Angela seems to have let the scandals become a thing of the past as she partied hard at Club Rumours, Ikeja, Lagos shortly after returning from South Africa. The actress had a welcome party at the club with friends in attendance. She reportedly had fun at the night club. It was also reliably gathered that Angela was not looking like someone that had gone through such messes, which ordinarily would have wrecked her marriage. After the scandal, the actress posted pictures of her with husband on the internet. However, her husband was blasted by fans and blamed him for allowing his wife get involved in such messes. Some alleged that Angela may have hypnotized her husband, which they say has given her the freedom to do as she likes in her marriage.
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