Recently, Nollywood actresses, Toyin Aimaku-Johnson said it was not the wish of most couples to have their marriages crash. She added that what scares most celebrities, especially actresses, from getting married was because they are afraid of having a broken home. For fast-rising Kannywood actress, Aisha Abubakar, she wishes to get hooked to a man she can call her husband, but her fear is not falling into the hands of a wrong man. In an interview with Blueprint, the actress, who has featured in over 30 movies, said she does not want a man who will deceive her into marriage and dump her like other actresses. "If you want to be my lover, don’t deceive me, tell me in black and white that you are poor or rich, I will welcome you," she said in the interview. Aisha also frowned at those who see actresses as women of easy virtues, stressing that they (actresses) are not as cheap as many think. “There are thousands of young ladies out there staying in hotels as [email protected], they sell their body to earn a living, yet, nobody is tormenting them. Acting to me is as decent as one can think of, some people prefer to be lawyers, journalists, administrators, politicians, labourers, fishermen and women, [email protected], gamblers and the rest, we choose to act, so people should give us break," she fumed. your social media marketing partner