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Marriages are expected to be enjoyed, not to be endured and for the union of a popular actress, Shade Omoniyi, well known as Lepa Shandy, the former is definitely her case. In 2012, Nigeriafilms.com exclusively reported that Lepa Shandy secretly married a Dublin-based big boy named Dayo David Adewale. The handsome man is from Ogun State and from latest information divulged to us, Dayo, as he is fondly called, has been showering love and affection on the pretty actress. It was further disclosed to us that Lepa Shandy is really enjoying her marriage and has nothing to worry about because of her man has always been there for her. We also learnt that the actress’ peaceful home has been responsible for the peace of mind she has been enjoying. Some industry sources told us that it is very evident on the actress’ outlook that she is happy being married to Dayo. “If you notice lately, Shade (Lepa Shandy) has been ‘shinning’. You will also notice that her skin has been glowing extraordinarily since she got married to Dayo. I am really for her because she went through hell in other relationships before she met her husband,” one of the industry sources told Nigeriafilms.com. When asked the reason Lepa Shandy has been seen frequently in Nigeria lately, we were informed that she comes to the country for some movie productions and goes back to join her husband and to take care of her family. “Don’t forget that she is a talented actress and producers will always want her on their productions. Her husband knows what she does for a living before he decided to marry her. Most times, when she is done with movie jobs in Nigeria, she returns to be with her family. Don’t also forget that she is a mother,” another source quipped.
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