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“I only date younger men! I'm not interested in older men. One of the reasons is that they are all married, and secondly they all have big 'belle'. All of dem too get big belle. I nor like big belle o,” these were the words of Elvina Ibru in a recent interview. Elvina is a businesswoman and one of the daughters of billionaire businessman, Olorogun Michael Ibru. She is bold, beautiful and daring, but doesn't believe in marriage or have plans to get married any time soon. Giving more reasons she prefers to ruffle bed sheets with young blood, she said, “Yes, look, I'm a very straight forward person. You are attracted to what you are attracted to. Some people like skinny, dark girls, they'll never chase me. “Some people like light skinned, round girls, they'll chase me. Some people like short women, they will not come after me, some like tall girls and will come after me. I might see a fine guy with a round stomach or chubby look and say, ‘oh, this guy is very handsome’ but the chemistry won't be there and I cannot force myself to like what I don't like. “I like a slim, tall, and dark guy with a flat tummy, maybe because I'm big, so I'm attracted to the opposite. I also don't like light skinned men. I might see a handsome yellow guy and say ‘awww, this guy is cute’, but the chemistry will also not be there, maybe because it reminds me of my brothers. “My brothers are light skinned. I don't really know why it works for me that way, but I don't deceive myself. I also tell people, don't deceive yourself. I don't have anything against older men, if I'm searching and i find an older man in my specs, then leggo! As regards age, I'm not that old, I'm only 42. My bobo is 34. Yes.”
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