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He might have been involved in many controversies but Nollywood actor, Benson Okonkwo, feels he has a lot to achieve in his life by the grace of God and needs to remain focus in his quest for success. In a recent interview with Nigeriafilms.com, the jovial actor explained why he has been on and off the screen and why he is yet to get married. For fashion, he sure does not joke with that as he disclosed that he got that gift from his lovely mother who also motivated him to go into modeling and acting. Read excerpts below. What has Benson Okonkwo been up to, it’s been a while he came on screen? Nothing really, I have been on and off my career, I have not been very steady, everybody knows I have a salon in Enugu, N’Collectibles unisex salon, but I have been more into my salon business than acting. Are you saying that salon brings in more money than acting? No it doesn’t bring in more money. So why have you been off the screens or are there no scripts coming your way anymore? See, I’m not an everyday actor that people will see on the screen all the time. No, the scripts are actually coming. It’s actually because I just want to go back and round up my education at Enugu state University. I’m in my first year studying Political science. Studying Political science, will you be leaving acting for something else? No, I can’t leave acting. Political science is actually my second degree so let me round up with that then when I am through with that then I will come back to my career. I don’t want anything to distract my education, but when I am on holidays, I still go to locations but for now I don’t want anything that will distract me. So my fans will not see more of Benson because it’s going to take four years. Aside your salon, do you have other businesses that people don’t know about which is fetching you money? My only investment is my salon because I have got passion for looking good and it’s unisex and I pray that with time, if God permits, I will have other investments. You flood everywhere with different fashion and colour style, what does fashion mean to you? I think I got that from my lovely mum, Nancy okonkwo, because she is a fashionista, she was once a model and she advised me to start modeling and acting because I used to be very shy when I was much younger, so I started modeling at the age of 18, started acting at the age of 23/24, so I love dressing because I look good and I know I look good, so anything worth doing is worth doing well. Wait Benson, you say you look good but still single, why? (Laughs), ok, I’m single and searching. Are you saying ladies don’t come around you? No, they do come around, most ladies do and it’s normal even before I started acting. So when will people get to hear the wedding bells? Chai, wedding bells, well, when God say so and when I see my Mrs Right
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