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Star actress Omoni Oboli, mother, producer, in a new interview with Entertainment splash, recently talked about her challenges in the industry since she started till now. The ever beautiful looking actress started her acting career while she was in school and this was a very tedious one for her to combine the two things together. According to her, others were dropping out but she did not and sail through the period. She explained that at some point, she had to choose which was important to her and she had to take a break from acting for a while to pursue her academics. In her words,“combining acting and schooling together was not easy, I nearly dropped out of school then, others were dropping but I stayed focus.” When asked what her challenges were in her first movie, she said, “my first movie was a big thing for me because I have never done it before and I said to my self that what will I do that will be like a biggest honour for me”. According to her she went to the association she worked for and they responded well, even government bodies supported her then and it was a success.
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