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It is commendable that the political class has deemed it fit to recognise and employ the use of artistes in their election campaigns. However, does it end with the peanuts the Nollywood stars are paid to endorse the politicians jostling for elective post? In a reminiscence of the campaign strategy of Barack Obama when Oprah Winfrey and some hoollywood stars supported the emergence of the first African-American occupant of the white House not just for appearance fees but on an agreed term that he would put the interest of the entire industry at heart, Nigerian artistes should especially at this time compel the political class to recognize their strengths and show more interest in the industry. Though promises have been made, what is now left is to make sure things are moved from the realm of promise to fulfillment. Till date most musical videos and commercials are being shot in south Africa. It was promised that when Tinapa came on board, it will revolutionize the industry but till date the administration that came in after Donald Duke has done nothing about the project. Except Nigerian artists find a way of compelling the political class to make a serious contribution to the entertainment industry a sector that is capable of transforming the Nigerian mono-culture economy-the situation would remain the same. The industry has enough capacity to earn the country as mush oil does but if this not harnessed properly, we will continue to talk about potential rotting away
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