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Saidi Balogun has berated his colleagues who run after politicians, singing their praises and joining their campaigns. “It is crazy,” says Balogun. “None of these politicians have promised to eradicate piracy. This should be what matters most to my colleagues. Instead, they are running after them and singing for them. Can you imagine one actor singing for three different politicians? Na poverty now.” According to Balogun, the entertainers should have a goal in mind if they want to run after the politicians. “Is it better for you to be given N2m, which will fizzle out after a couple of months or to shape your career? Which will put food on your table for life? Can you imagine more than 30 of my colleagues, dragging one microphone just because they want to sing for the President? I’m not saying that they shouldn’t vote, but they should preach to the politicians to pass a bill on piracy,” Balogun says. Meanwhile, the actor says his current movie, Eti Keta, talks about such ills in the society. “The movie is currently showing in the cinema. It has to do with the third party. It talks about several things we should have done, but we didn’t do,” he says.
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