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Royal Arts Academy’s movie,I’LL take my Chances,has recorded a very huge cinema success,no doubt. However,the country’s entertainment scene has also been agog with rumours of disagreement between the producers of the movie,Emem Isong and Iniobong Edo. Those peddling the story claimed that Emem had been fighting her colleague,Ini for taking the credit for the movie alone without including her name as a co-producer. Reacting to the story,Emem Isong said I don’t know where that rumour is coming from. Ini and I are best of friends and we have no issues whatsoever. The movie is doing great and we are cool with it.People are just prone to talking rubbish, I’m sorry. You can call Ini yourself and ask her. We are close and there is nothing like disagreement. Like I said,disregard those talks,they were mere rumours she stated.
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