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The Nigerian movie industry, usually called; Nollywood is no doubt filled with intrigues and controversies. Among the three main sectors under the entertainment industry; Comedy, music and film, Nollywood has recorded more controversies than the two others combined. If an actress is not said to be snatching another woman’s husband, it would be that an actor is busy going out with an older lover. Also, one might hear news about a movie producer sleeping with up and coming actresses for movie roles or two star actresses fighting over a boyfriend, who may also be an actor or probably a movie producer/director. It is very worse among the female folks in Nollywood as some of them have to sleep with politicians and rich men in the society to live a lavish lifestyle. How does one explain why it is only the actresses that stay in choice areas of Lagos State like Lekki, Ajah, GRA Ikeja and other places, while their male counterparts live in slums. Even the veterans among the male actors cannot boast of a house of their own in some of these slums, but these actresses already have more than one mansion in Lekki. Most of these female Nollywood stars paint the town red with super expensive ‘mobile homes’, while their male counterparts still disturb the dust with their ‘leggedise Benz’. What an irony? In this edition, we are taking a cursory look at the lives of some of the most scandalous actresses in the Nigerian film industry.
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