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2014 Nigeria’s independence day celebration is going to be one celebration which will not be forgotten so soon as it was seen as one of the best celebration after a long while with the various match past both in Abuja the federal capital territory and in Lagos where Governor Babatunde Fashola, was even proud of explaining that it’s been a decades since Lagos last witnessed such a parade. While some heads of government were either in Lagos or Abuja, some entertainers were not left out of the fun as they either performed at one event or the other. While some used that day to visit families and friends. The event was also celebrated amidst heavy down pour in some parts of the country, but the fun went on. Nollywood actor Pete Edochie and Muma Gee’s husband, Prince Ekeh, decided to visit former militant and leader of Niger Delta Vigilante, Chief Ateke Tom, where they have a nice time with some bottles of drink and extensive discussion. Though, they were not out at the parade ground with other government officials, but they still acknowledged the essence of the day which was the country’s celebration. From their discussion, it could be that Ateke Tom, will be giving Nollywood a trial or could want to invest in a movie production which could also help in the growth of the Niger Delta economy? It is just a guess anyway.
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