•Adegbite, Grace Amah Defend Decision Some decades ago, it would have been termed an abomination for a young lady to have children out of wedlock. Many Nigerian cultures frown on the act and are harsh on those engaging in it. But today, things have changed. One can decide to have as many children as they want with or without a spouse. A study found that there are more and more children born out-of-wedlock in Africa every year and the numbers keep raising. Though a general issue, our thespians also have their own share of the trend and of course it makes the news anytime one of them has a child outside wedlock. Just some months ago, Damilola Adegbite had a child for her lover, Ghanaian actor, Chris Attoh. Many were happy for them and had sent goodwill messages on their social media handles, but there was a group of fans who really hit hard on the duo especially Adegbite. They had called her a disgrace to Nigeria for having a child out of wedlock, and to a foreigner for that matter. The actress had fired back at critics. In a chat with her, she stood by her decision and claims love and not marriage is what matters. “My partner and I have made decisions based on how we deem fit and I will totally take having a baby out of wedlock than having an abortion. The baby came at the best time he was meant to come. We love each other and already had plans of being together so why not. Thankfully our families and those who their opinions really mattered were okay with our decisions. READ ALSO: Buhari does not believe in Marabot – Garba Shehu “I recall in a recent article, where the same question was thrown at the musician Brymo and he said that children were a product of love and not marriage and I completely agree. I’m not one to live my life based on other people’s standards. I remember when I told Chris I was pregnant, he laughed uncontrollably. I was shocked. He was so happy and that was all that mattered to me at the time. My family is doing great and I hope that everyone can respect that. To us, Bryan (their son) sealed the deal for us his coming made us know that God was leading us to the path we had always wanted and it would have been foolish for us not to jump on it. And Bryan brought a lot of change, redirection, focus, organisation and unity.” Another actress who has a child without a husband is Grace Amah. She is one of Nollywood’s most recognised faces but in recent times, has been off-set. When asked if she has any regrets having a child out of wedlock, she says, “I have no regrets whatsoever. It doesn’t change anything. A child is a child. That is what God has blessed me with and I’m so blessed and thankful to God.” Probably the most popular actress with a child out of wedlock is Genevieve Nnaji. Genevieve became a young mother in her teens even before she hit stardom. Today, Genevieve remains single and her daughter, Chimebuka is already in her 20s. Another actress with a child out of wedlock is Monalisa Chinda. Contrary to popular belief, Monalisa was not married to Dejo Richards whom reports say they are divorced. The two however could be considered a couple as they had lived for over seven years with each other before parting ways. The two met and lived together in London before moving to Nigeria. It was after Monalisa started gaining popularity in the movie industry that the two dropped the bombshell that they are no longer together. Today, their child Tamar-Lily lives with her mother. Actress Bisi Ibidapo-Obe threw a monkey wrench into a Reps member’s family by announcing that she was pregnant for him. The actress said that she was pregnant and later delivered a baby girl for then House of reps member, Dino Melaye. Dino who is now a senator, had denied the baby or any affair with Ibidapo Obe, but it was later said that they settled the issue amicably. Today, the child continues to live with the actress. Unlike most actresses who find it hard to openly identify with their out-of-wedlock children, Alex Lopex’s case is different. At any given time, she’s ready to tell anyone that she has a son, Joshua, whom she had from her former lover. Although, the relationship did not last, however, Lopex is ever grateful for the joy of motherhood that the relationship afforded her. It all started like a rumour that Yoruba actress Bimbo Oshin was involved in a love relationship with the boss of Dudu Heritage, Ola Ibinronke. It eventually came out to be the truth when she got pregnant for the American-based promoter. The relationship went through turbulence because of the wife of the American promoter. The relationship produced a boy named Michael. There are many more actors and actresses who also have children without having spouses. Movie maker, John Kalu, however says it is unfair for actors to be singled out. According to him, it is the sign of the times and it is a common fad now. “I know it will make a good story for your readers, but the truth is that you should not single out actors or actresses because they have children out of wedlock. It is a common thing these days. People are becoming Click And Read More From Newstrack.ng
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