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Caroline Danjuma,Actress, Artiste manager Actually I do, but something always happens along the line that makes me not keep to it. Sincerely, I do believe in it. Kefee, Singer and designer I don’t believe in it and I don’t think I really did it even when I was younger; I really have no reason for not believing in it. My own principle of life is that you work hard because what will be will be. I do my very best and let God handle the rest. Emem Isong, Movie Producer I do, though it is difficult to keep. Truly, it gives you an objective and makes you aspire to achieve something. Though I have tried to keep to some over the years but it hasn’t really been easy. Its actually good if only one can keep to it. Charles Novia,Movie/Music video director I think I stopped doing that about 20 years ago. The thing is that we humans have our frailties, so often times it takes the grace of God to keep to resolutions. I have personal rules that guide me and I try as much as possible to live by it. Uche Jombo,Actress, movie producer I don’t actually do it. I can make decisions to change my life and not really anytime I have to wait for New Year resolutions before doing so. Jenifffer Eliogu, Actress, compere I am indifferent on the issue. I guess when I was younger I took it more serious, but not really anymore. It’s good though, because there are certain things you did in the previous year that you really did not like and would like to do away with while there are others that you would want to do in the coming year. As for me, I just do what is good, New Year or not. AY, comedian New Year resolutions are annual ritualistic conducts designed to help us have a focus or rekindle an existing passion or determination to achieve a set goal. I do believe in it. But my applications are limited to beginning of every New Year.
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