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No one personifies old-school Nollywood glamour quite like indomitable Sola Sobowale, the famous Tomato of TV drama, Super Story. Dramatic, vibrant, captivating: she’s everything one could wish for in a movie character. The star actress and Nollywood darling’s eyes were bright but there was a faraway look at them that betrayed her inner turmoil. she’s been misunderstood, maligned and misquoted in a section of the media that she nearly suffered public odium after she was maliciously reported to have been arrested and beheaded for drug trafficking in Saudi Arabia. the heighten the situation, sola who has since left Nigeria and chosen to live a new and quiet life in Britain, practically went off the social radar and kept many wondering why she migrated considering her high profile status in the movie industry. She spoke exclusively to BIODUN KUPOLUYI and bared her mind on the alleged drug trafficking, the misconceptions about her life in Britain and her movie. People usually don’t know that you are around and what is your mission this time? People don’t see me because i am not the outgoing type, i am always indoors.I am not the party type. That sounds unbelievable Most people don’t believe but it is true i can count the number of parties i go to in a year maybe three or four and it’s not that i don’t want to,i am not just used to it and my coming back is because i came with another package after ‘Ohun Oko Somida’ I had to shoot another movie. What commercial value did you get from ‘Ohun Oko Somida’ ? It has been splendid, it’s been a fantastic experience and I’m really overwhelmed and I really appreciate everybody for their care, support and for accepting and appreciating me. It did really well. It sold alot. So, it was a commercial success? Yes and aside from that I made a lot of impacts in many homes. I have women who have walked up to me and told me,” Sola thank you for making me a better woman and my husband a better man,” to me that is an achievement because i don’t just want to shoot a movie that people will just watch and laugh but i want people to be educated, and be able to carry it on board. What was on your mind when you conceptualised the story because a lot of people think it is the story of your life? I know you know that is not my story. I don’t write fantasy, I have friends, neighbours and i listen to their stories. I read newspapers, watch the TV, and listen to the radio. These are places i get inspiration from and it may surprise you that the story was written by my children, the twins, they actually wrote it. That means you share a lot with them or they were exposed to so much because they should be in their teens? They are 18years old already. They are in the universities now and maybe, yes, I do share some things with them, they know my job, they know what I do and when I bring scripts home, they go through it and they tell which ones i can or cannot do. One of them featured in Everyday People while they were in Nigeria, and while they were doing their A levels in U.K theY did film, writing, acting ,directing and so many other things, so they know their onions so to write a story is not a difficult thing for them. What’s the central them of your new movie, ‘Abalaye’ ‘Abalaye’ is just the working title, It is set to educate and teach people that destinies are not the same, because you are twin and your brother or sister is doing better in a particular field, it does not mean you should join that same field. God has created us all differently and at different times and so, our timing has to be different. It is better to wait for your time and not be greedy or envious because in the course of doing that, itmay lead to something else. So when you are content with what you have, pray and wait for your time, then you will be happier and you will age well. I see myself as a doctor, a teacher, and a preacher because my acting lifts spirit, educates and teaches moral values. What exactly has kept you in England? It’s my children. There is a Yoruba saying that ‘Ojo Ale Mi Ni Mo Lo tuse’( preserve my future) I’m taking care of my children because a time will come when it will be their turn to take care of me. I am slaving in England and i don’t give a damn what people say. I thank God, I have heard them say how can she move from grace to grass, how can she a whole movie star in Nigeria and be doing this kind of job here. I can do anything for money as long as it is not theft, cheat or sell myself or my morals. If it is to sweep the streets of London to make money to survive or keep my children going I ‘Sola Sobowale’ will do it. I believe in what is called Dignity of Labour. In England when i am going to work i don’t hide myself i put on my uniform from home, on my uniform it is written there ‘Household 21’ this is me, i am not ashamed and i don’t give a hoot about anybody when i know that i can’t beg for money so why should i pretend. Are you a social Worker? I am a support worker and i am proud of what i do. The impression people had was that you were doing very well in Nigeria was it a wrong impression or what? Well people are entitled to their opinion, and i can’t blame them but one thing i won’t do is call myself what i am not. They say i am doing well in Nigeria, how much are we being paid for our roles? If a do a movie i get maybe half a million my children attend good schools here before they left after i pay my children’s school fee, house rent though thank God i have a house of my own, and i do some other things what do i have left? Like i said i won’t pretend to be what i am not and i must say that ’Sola Sobowale knows what she is doing.’ What is your love life like because a lot of people would like to know about your husband is he in England too? I will not be able to answer that, i will just say ‘Let Them Say’. There were rumours that you were in Saudi Arabia and that you were involved in drugs how did you take the news? I was in England when i got the news, it was when i came home at the Airport that people began to say that how did you do it we heard you were beheaded and i made a joke out of it. I said do you believe in magic it was all magic that placed the head back and they all laughed. But i was surprised though because i don’t even know where Saudi Arabia is on the map. I wonder why people just talk to tarnish another person’s image. God has made me the head and i shall not be relegated. I thank God for people who believed in me, and those who stood by me. Those that said ‘We know her yes she can shout, but she can never do that’. I thank God for them and i appreciate them. Let me use this opportunity to reassure my fans that ‘Sola Sobowale’ will never and i repeat with a capital ‘NO’ touch anything that is illegal. My father was a retired principal and my late mum a retired headmistress. I am proud of my family and where i am from so i am from a very disciplined background. Were you ever arrested at any Airport at any time? No .I am always at ease all the time, effortless when i am travelling no hassles, no stress but praises. What is your mission in Emuke in London? Emuke is Sola, Sola is Emuke. Emuke is owned by my sister and her husband, Tunji and Kikelomo Oyelana. We are from the same mum and same dad. Most times that is where I’m in London. The way I was brought up I can’t just sit back and watch my sister and brother-in-law work while i watch, I have to help them out. So when people see me there either making Eba or serving the customers they write different kinds of stories. Even my younger sister who is an accountant in Nigeria if she comes around she does the same thing. But they will still write more.
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