Though, it wasn’t confirmed when the Music Director Akin Alabi called Danny Young a thief on a cover of a magazine, after owning him 100,000 balance of a musical video shot for him recently which he featured Kels. Danny young also replied that Akin Alabi was also a thief by coming to his house to steal his decoder, a case he promised to take up with the Police very soon. Close sources to both subjects have testified that the two are not straight and very snaky, after they have done it to so many people, before the good God brought them together. Information at our disposal revealed that Danny young as brought so many upcoming artistes to the Movie Director, which will collect more money from them and do some quack jobs for them, which can not be shown on the screen, since they are still upcoming and the middle man, Danny Young, was not helping matter, instead he shares the money with Akin Alabi, but now, the two friends have now drawn a battle line as nemesis now caught up with them. your social media marketing partner