The battle over who succeeds the outgoing President of the Directors Guild of Nigeria (DGN),Mr.Bond Emerua,is hot in Nollywood right now.Emeruwa who succeeded Fidelis Duker,is bowing out after two terms in office. In the queue to battle for his job, are top award winning directors who are right now wooing members of their guild to garner support in the election which is coming up in a few months time. Top among the contenders is returnee contestant and former actor of the year,Fred Amata who almost got the position over four years ago,but lost it to Fidelis Duker in controversial circumstances. Fred we hear,has the biggest support among the known four contenders who are in the race right now. Former AMP Presidential candidate,Teco Benson, is also in the race.Interestingly,Teco’s campaign manager in the acrimonious Association of Movie Producers(AMP) election that returned Paul Obazele for a second term, Dickson Iroegbu,has also thrown his hat in the ring for the DGN top seat. Veteran director,Mr.Andy Ameneche completes the quartet of those battling to succeed Bond Emeruwa as DGN President. More on this later. your social media marketing partner