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Ope Banwo owns Stingomania Records which also produced the Dagrin movie. Trybson and Baba Nee are signed under this record label. However things have gone sour amongst these three, with the two artistes wanting to quit the Record Label. Stingomania Records Chief has however ordered all radio and television stations to quit playing Trybson and Baba Nee’s songs. Trybson however took to his facebook page, accusing Stingomania of bad management and revealing his ‘bed mate’ as claimed by him. With one Frank Nero also accusing Stingomania. In his post titled ‘STINGOMNIA PUBLIC NOTICE ON BABA NEE AND TRYBSON’ on his facebook page in the early hours of Tuesday 27, September 2011. “In addition to my public Caveat Emptor that all media houses will be receiving in the next few days, I am using this public medium to put everyone on notice that Stingomania Records has exclusive rights by contract to all the musical works and videos of Baba Nee and Trybson and until this contractual dispute is resolved, we are withdrawing all consents to anybody to utilize their works or professional services in any way, shape or form,” Mr. Banwo declared. Ope Banwo continued: “we will vigorously challenge any entity that plays their music or video or engages them in any public performance until the end of their contract with Stingomania in 2014 without the express consent from Stingomania. all previous consents given to radio stations, TV stations, marketers etc to play the works of these two artistes is hereby suspended indefinitely until further notice….all members of the public dealing with their works do so at their own risk of appropriate legal actions. Baba Nee and Trybson have no assets to repay our investments on them but we will be happy to collect our money from any organization or entity that violates our copyright interests”. Trybson has called Ope Banwo’s notice a personal vendetta as he and Baba Nee didn’t breach but ‘because we started telling him the truth about our career and stopped writing songs for his girlfriend, Bianca’. Singer also claims Mr. Banwo is yet to fuifull his side of the contract ” he didn’t give us a house to sleep. All he did was produce CDs,” he told YNaija. “He uses course words on us when he is angry; he says he owns our lives and can do anything with us. He treats us like slaves and we don’t say anything because we were scared of him, but now we are ready to risk our careers to fight back,” added
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